Court Yard Building

June 23, 2006


The Court Yard series has been designed on a modular basis to allow the maximum flexability in layout while keeping the delivery costs to a minimum. The display unit at Field Days provides 2 good sized bedrooms in a 60 sq meter layout with a nice entertaining deck accessiable from both the lounge/dining area and the bedrooms. This design is also available in a wider version which allows for a separate laundry if required or alternatively in a 3 bedroom design. There is an alternative design shown under the Court Yard Series menu.

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Mono Pitch 2 Bedroom

June 24, 2006


This two bedroom 60 square meter cabin has a large open plan living/dining area with a functional kitchen and valuted ceilings. It provides plenty of storage and a well designed bathroom. The front bedroom has direct access to the verandah via a sliding glass door. As with all our designs it can have a third bedroom added if required and the location of this would depend on the site and the clients requirements.

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Modified Show Unit

June 26, 2006


This unit is based on our Field Days unit but includes a larger centre section to provide a separate laundry area. It has all of the benefits of the display unit with the added advantage that it can be fitted with a back door to the laundry area if required. This unit is shown with optional bifold doors to the lonuge/dining area to maximise the indoor outdoor flow of this design, effectively bringing the central deck area into the living area.

PDF Plan